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Getting Organized Part 1

So, I realized I needed to do something different with my yarn when I discovered that I had 3 of the same exact skeins.  I looked around my studio/craft room/office, and started thinking about ways to change it so the space is better utilized, and better organized.  Those of you who know me personally, know I am usually a highly organized person, and I don’t know how I let this crafty business get so out of control. 

Cluttered closet, plus look at all of the unused vertical space – what a waste.

Then there is this built in desk area, complete with more plastic containers – works in progress, finished objects, etc. – as well as a half used book shelf, and crazy cart.  SOS!!

So my goal for the rest of Spring Break, my goal is to get this craft space organized.  I pulled these two 3-drawered containers out, as well as the GIANT basket.  I got a shoe hanger and am using that to store my yarns.  I organized it by color.

You can see my gift wrap storage boxes peeking out, but I think it look pretty good.  I will have to figure out what to do with the very small yarn balls from finished projects, but so far this project is turning out okay.

It may take longer than I originally anticipated, but I am well on the way.  🙂


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