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Getting Organized Part 2

Well, my craft room/office/studio is finally organized.  I still have a few decorative touches in mind to add, but at least now it is a space where I can be inspired to work and be creative.  Here are my solutions:

Remember that picture of the built-in desk and shelves, from yesterday?  I moved all the books I only occasionally need to the top shelf, put the storage bins on the shelves, and cleared off the desk.  Turns out, everything had a place, it just needed to be directed to said place 😉

Now that will work for me!

After I figured out how to accessibly store my skeins of yarn, I had no place to store my leftover small yarn balls, so they were cluttering a drawer.  😦

My DH and I came up with a neat solution.  I painted a couple of shoe boxes (purely for aesthetic reasons) and tacked them to the wall in the closet.  They are the perfect size to hold the smaller balls, and now they are more accessible, I hope I will actually use them up as I need the colors 🙂

I plan to add decorative ribbons to these boxes at some point, but for today, function beat out fashion.

The whole closet looks great, everything where I can see it and EASILY get to it!  I am super excited!  Here is the final product:

There is even room for my project bag to live while I am at home 🙂


5 thoughts on “Getting Organized Part 2

    • Thanks! I used spray paint – it took many coats to cover some of the boxes. I also thought it would look cute with some ribbon around the top, just glued on, but I haven’t gotten that done 🙂

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