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Glitter Shoes How-To

Tutorial – Glitter Shoes


I know this blog is mainly to share my crocheted creations with you, but I am super proud of this craft so I wanted to share 🙂  I know that the really pretty, glittery shoes are really in style right now.  I even have 2 pairs of black glitter shoes.  What I have really been wanting, and have been unable to find (at least not for less than an arm and a leg) are light pink glitter shoes!  These would make me glitter and sparkle with happiness.  I decided to make my own, and document it to share with you.

Here is what you will need:

A pair of shoes – I got mine at a boutique for $10 at the mall




Mod Podge

E 6000

A foam paint brush

A couple of toothpicks

Pliers/tweezers to pick up sequins

Lots of newspaper

Paper towels

A paper/plastic cup or bowl

So here are the shoes:


I know, gorgeous, right.

I took the sandpaper and roughed them up a bit so the glue would stick better.


Then I stuffed newspaper inside my shoes.  My first reason for this was to avoid getting tons of glitter and glue in them, but it also makes a nice handle for you to hold while painting.

Next I mixed the glitter and the Mod Podge together in a plastic cup.  I used about half glitter and half MP to make it nice and thick.  I took the foam brush and painted an even coat of paint on the shoes.  Then I let them dry for a couple of hours.


I painted on a LOT of coats and let each dry thoroughly before putting on the next coat.  On the last coat, I took some dry glitter and sprinkled it liberally all over the shoes, especially the spot that were still white.


Once that coat dried, I knocked the extra glitter off by tapping the shoes on the newspaper, and then took plain Mod Podge and put a thick coat on to seal in all the glitter, and essentially water proof.


They looked good, but were still a bit plain Jane for me.


So I took some sequins, also light pink, and I glued them on, individually, slightly overlapping, using E 6000 and the pliers shown here:


About every 6-10 Sequins, I made sure they were sticking well by pressing them down with a toothpick.

I let them sit and dry for 24 hours before wearing them to my MIL’s house.  They were a hit!


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