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TARDIS gloves

It is a well-known fact, at least amongst my friends, that I am a HUGE Dr. Who fan.  A while back I opened an etsy shop, louslabors.etsy.com, and sold a stuffed Dalek I made.  While it was up for sale, I made a couple of etsy friends, who are also fans.  One of whom has requested a pair of TARDIS fingerless gloves, which I am super-excited to make.  I have been brainstorming about them for a while, and here is the first one:

BTW, I am also working on the pattern for publishing.  I scoured the internet for crochet patterns for these, but only found knit patterns.  SO, I am working on it, and will post it here when it is finished!

UPDATE!!!  Here are the finished gloves – I added a few rows so they are longer.  Enjoy!


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