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WIPs – how to motivate myself to finish

Maybe I have a short attention span for crafting, or perhaps I just like to have many plates spinning at once, but on any given day I have multiple craft projects in the works. Sometimes it gets to the point where I have so many things going on, that I don’t know if I will ever finish even one project.  I am sharing the WIPs with you today, partly so you can see them, but also to motivate me to not forget about them.  I will try to post a finish goal for each one – maybe that will help me stay on track 🙂

Here are a few things I am working on currently:

Spring time Amigurumi Swap – I cannot post pictures of this until my partner receives the package (don’t want to spoil the fun of the surprise).  I have used a pattern I found on ravelry, as well as made my own pattern.  I will definitely post pics and more info about this one later.

African Violet blanket – so far I have 60 flowers made.  I have decided to make 60 more, in order for the blanket to be big enough.  I am really excited about this blanket because of the colors and because of the pattern.  I like that you join them as you go and that you don’t whip stitch the hexagons together in the end.  Hope to have this finished mid-summer.