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SONP Update

So, the SONP is not on hiatus, I just haven’t taken any pictures lately.  I have made a simple black jersey skirt, which my DH really loves.  I think it will totally be a go-to skirt, since I have worn it three times already, and washed it once.  I am happy to say it held up really well in the washer and drier.  I am always a little worried about the first wash and dry, but it survived, and I am happy about that.

I am also working on my first dress.  It has lining, top stitching, the works!  I am excited and learning a TON of stuff.  My mantra for this dress is slow and steady.  I don’t want to get hasty and make a mistake.  I have been working on the bodice for a few days now.  It is not finished, but it is coming along.  I am using Simplicity Pattern 2886, version A.  I think I may have to make some bust adjustments, but it is a work in progress.  Here are some pics of the work so far:

Look- lining!

Bodice! – still needs the waist piece, but I am super proud so far 🙂

WIP update – I also started joining the hexagons for my African flower blanket.  I have done 12 so far.  There are 120.  I will have to hide the threads for ALL of them, which will take a while (it is also my LEAST favorite part of the crochet process).









Here is a sample of the Hex Blanket so far.  I am joining as I go, so it may have to go away until the Texas summer passes.

















As you can see, I have been a busy bee lately.  Work has been so busy with concerts, performances, and field trips, and other end of school year stuff that it has been hard to turn my brain off.  The result, craft overdrive.   My DH says I have a problem with “Idol Hands,” lol.  Thanks for looking.


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