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SONP Skirt #4 and #5

I have been really excited about the Summer of No Pants Challenge.  Here is a picture of skirt #4, a black jersey skirt









Sorry about the dirty mirror.  I promise I am going to thoroughly clean my house now that school is out 🙂

Skirt #5 is a pattern I got for free on craftsy, called Ysolda’s Pocket and Ties, that I slightly modified.









The original pattern called for a ruffled lining, but I left that out because I did not like it.  I had to significantly modify the waist line because of the elastic I used then.  I think I still need to take in the waist a little more, but I can do that tomorrow.  I am glad to have these two finished, because I think I am going to get quite a bit of use out of these skirts.

Thanks for looking 🙂


2 thoughts on “SONP Skirt #4 and #5

  1. They are looking good. You are very adventurous in changing patterns!!! Let me know if you need help. BTW where are your feet in skirt #5???? LOL.

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