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Today’s craft – Doggie Bow Ties

WARNING – This blog entry contains gratuitous pics of my dog and my sister’s dog 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, my sister called and told me she had some material from her classroom that she would no longer be using, and that she wanted to make her dog a bow tie out of it for the 4th of July.  I offered to make it for her, if I could make one for my dog, Gus.  So she brought me the material a couple of days ago, and today I worked on a pair of bow ties for Gus, and his cousin, Brody.  Here are the results:

Here’s my boy, Gus, looking so debonaire 🙂


Here is Brody, my sister’s dog, he is always excited to see his Aunt Lou:

Here they are together:

Looking out the window

Guard dogs on alert


so there are our fur babies, all dolled up to celebrate our nation’s birthday next month.



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