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SONP #8 – Coming to a close…

Well, this is the last week for the Summer of No Pants Challenge!  I have finished the last skirt, and learned so much about sewing, and a little bit about myself as well.  First the last skirt:

This was made from a silk polka dot, lined with white silk.  I really like how the layers turned out.  I did a 3/4 circle skirt, so it would be nice and full.  I made a slight miscalculation when trying to figure out how to do the lining, so there is a slight bump on one side.  It is not that noticeable, unless you are looking for it.  Here are the pics 🙂 (I really LOVE this color)

Here are the things this challenge has taught me:

1. Sewing requires patience

2. A seam ripper can be your best friend and your worst nightmare.

3. Working with fabric you love, makes the tediousness a bit more worthwhile.

4. I am NOT good at already made patterns.

5. I need to work on waistbands.  My MIL has said she will show me a really easy one this summer.

6. The repetitive nature of the stitching of a project can be very therapeutic.  🙂

7. I really want to start working on dresses and pants.

So I made a list (one of my favorite things) of all the fabric I have (also getting the chance to go through my stash and purge/organize it).  I listed the fabric and then tried to come up with an idea of what to do with it.  Once I make the project, I will cross it off the list.  Now I just need to learn how to do a photo collage of them all together!


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