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Keychains, or tiny-gurumi happiness

Something about tiny things really makes me happy.  They are small, they are cute, and they are irresistible, especially if it is something that is supposed to be bigger.  Then they are extra-special cute.  A couple of years ago, I discovered Amigurumi, Japanese for small cute stuffed dolls that are made by crochet or knitting, and I have been hooked ever since (pun intended).  A few weeks ago, I decided to make some extra-tiny amis, from embroidery floss, and a super small crochet hook.  I have made 3 so far, and plan to do a tiny “buddy” for every full-sized ami I make.  I have made these ones into key chains to sell at future craft shows.  I look at them, and cannot help but smile, what do you think of them?




3 thoughts on “Keychains, or tiny-gurumi happiness

  1. These are small! Sooo small! Awesome! I’ve not attempted anything this small. Maybe one day I will… One day when I’m feeling brave. 😉

    • Unfortunately, I don’t usually write down patterns. Whenever I do, I share them here. I did a quick search for free penguin patterns, and there are tons that come up! Good luck 🙂

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