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Hats Off!

I have put the finishing touches on several hats that I have had in progress, and now I can happily say they are finished!  Most are for the craft show, and one is for a project I started in january – 12 hats in 2012.  I will be donating the finished hats to the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at the end of the year.   My mother is a Nurse Practitioner there, and her work, and the fact that she is a cancer survivor (12 years and counting) are a great inspiration to me.  I will share more from this project later.  Here are the hats:

Panda Hat

Green-Eyed Bear

Baby Koala Hat

I like this one without a face 🙂

Scoop of chocolate ice cream anyone?

hat for the cancer center

Just a cute beanie 🙂

One more cute beanie – DH wants one in these colors



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