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Sailor Moon

I recently participated in a swap themed “Fictional Characters” on Ravelry.  I love Ravelry, an online yarn and fiber arts community, where I go daily to check patterns, forums, friends, and otherwise get inspired!  If you knit, crochet, spin, or work with yarn and fibers, you should check it out and join.

Anyway, I joined this swap because I was feeling like I needed a stretch to do something I would not normally.  Well, I was partnered up with the perfect partner.  She and I had virtually no common interests!  It was great, because it meant I would definitely be making something different.  After looking at all of her favorite books, movies and TV shows, I decided to make her the title character from Sailor Moon.  It was something I had heard of, but not something I watch.  I did some research, looked at thousands of pictures, and read about the show.

I decided that I would crochet EVERYTHING (except the eyes).  From the little baubles on her hair, to the bow in front and back, she is completely made out of yarn.  No felt or other material.  It was a challenge, but was super fun.  I think I may make a couple more for the craft show.   Here is the final product:


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