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Ravellenic Games

One of my projects for the Ravellenic Games (a quasi-olympic like quest hosted by my favorite yarn craft website, Ravelry), is a WIP.  The category is “WIPs Wrestling,” a chance to finish a WIP and enter it in to the games.  I started this blanket months ago, (posted about it here and here) and then put it on hold, so that I could try to finish it this week.  So far I have joined about half of the hexagons so far.  I think I can finish joining by the closing ceremonies, but I am not so sure about hiding all the threads!  That chore may have to wait until this winter, when it is not a million degrees, and I can wear the blanket as I work on it 🙂


6 thoughts on “Ravellenic Games

  1. It looks great Lou!! Looks like the color theme leans more towards yellows in this photo. None the less I love it and I bet you do tooo cuase yellow is one of your favs. : )

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