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Back-To-School Crafts

So, I have officially become “crafty.” I guess I am okay with it. Here is the story:

We were at teacher inservice, discussing the needs for the office, and decided we needed something to hang near the door that we could use to hold the things we need often – hall pass, bathroom pass, nurse notes, band-aids, etc. – so that we can have quick and easy access to them during the school day. I thought about it for a minute, and said, “I think I could make something that would work.” The other orchestra director said, “You’re the crafty one, go for it!”

I had not been referred to as “crafty” before, and always figured it was for people who make tons of things out of mod podge, and upcycle, and see the potential in things where I only see garbage. I always figured I can crochet pretty well, and I can sew okay, but “crafty?” That’s not me.  Until now, I suppose. I am not offended by the label, just surprised, and complemented.  Here is what I came up with for our office 🙂 BTW – our school colors are green and gold.

It has pockets, and elastic for pens and pencils. Plus GLITTER TAPE!!!! It is approximately 10″ wide and 23″ tall.

I also made a wreath, a la the fabric wreath the office door, just like the one I made for my elementary school. I teach orchestra at two schools, an elementary and a junior high 🙂 Here is the wreath:

Thanks for looking!  What do you think?


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