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Thread Organizer!

I am so excited to share with you the SUPER EASY thread organizer I made myself this weekend. I took a piece of wood I got at JoAnn Fabric (50% off coupon made it $5), and some finishing nails (1 lb box cost $3 @ Lowes), and some ivory spray paint I already had on hand. Storage for about 65 spools of thread, and it cost me less than $10! Pretty cool. I didn’t take pictures as I went, and for that I am really sorry. Here’s the finished product, and some step-by-steps to follow. šŸ™‚

1. Sand your wood (I did not do this, and it made the painting phase a but wonky).

2. Measure and mark where the nails will go, approximately 1.5 inches apart.

3. On the back, affix a bracjet for hanging later.

4. On the front, hammer a nail on each mark about 5-8 times, so it still sticks out about 1.75 inches.

5. Spray paint using about 5-6 even slow coats.

7. Let dry completely, then hang on the wall where you wish to store your thread. I put mine, vertically, in our cedar closet**.

8. Place spools on each nail so that they are in an order pleasing to you. I went for the ROYGBIV, and then did White, Gray, Black at the bottom. It occurs to me, I need more thread, LOL.

** Our house has a closet that is covered in cedar panelling. It is very useful for storing luggage, winter clothes, etc., but was converted by the people before us. I guess it was used as a freshener. I am not sure, but it is kind of cool šŸ™‚


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