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Crochet Bear

Recently I cam across some really nifty yarn, Lion’s Brand Luxe Fur, that was on sale for $5.99. It was so soft, and so lovely that I immediately bought it, in camel, and brought it home. I decided that the color would make an adorable teddy bear, so I set to work crocheting a cute little stuffed teddy. The yarn calls for a hook size P (10mm), so I used my H hook and went to town. The yarn is a little challenging to work with because it is difficult to see the loops, but it is precisely that fact that makes this teddy so adorable. I really enjoyed making him, and have also enjoyed people’s reactions when I tell them he is crocheted! Would you have guessed he was crocheted had I not told you?

Without further ado, here are pics:

Meet Archibald Bearymore

Waving “Hi!”

Close up on his face šŸ™‚

He just wants to give you a hug!

Thanks for looking!






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