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Learning new things

Recently I learned that you do not need to do a foundation chain to start a work of crochet, you can do a foundation row of whatever kind of stitches you want (sc, dc, hdc, etc.) This makes a more polished look throughout the work. I used this technique on the TARDIS gloves I made here. I also used it on these more girly fingerless gloves made for a friend’s daughter:


I gave them a slightly more Victorian looking edging, and I think they turned out really great 🙂


While I had the purple yarn out, I decided to experiment. I had someone request a project that required the broomstick lace stitch. I had never done this stitch, so I thought I would try a swatch using the purple yarn I had sitting there. It turned out pretty good, and I turned the swatch into a chick bracelet cuff with pearl button accents. I love it and will probably wear it often. Broomstick lace is pretty easy, although a bit more time consuming, but it has a really nice look to it 🙂


Don’t be surprised to see more of these in my Etsy shop soon!



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