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Fun with Broomstick Lace

My mother-in-law commissioned me to make two cowls for her to give as gifts. She gave me a picture, and a color scheme to work with, and I went to town. I don’t think I would have tried broomstick lace had it not been for her, but as it turns out, I really love it. At first it was a challenge to coordinate the dowel rods and my hooks and the new way to hold the yarn, as well as create an even tension, but after a little while it became quite easy, and pretty quick going! If you have not tried it, I definitely recommend you go for it. It creates a really pretty stitch, and works up quite quickly. I used this tutorial and then sort of made up my own patterns based on her picture and specifications:


Brown and black cowl – this one needed to be blocked. I did one row of broomstick lace, and then one row of double crochets in a lacy pattern, one row of single crochets, all the way up.


Brown and black cowl

Brown and black cowl

Here is a close-up of the pattern:

DSCN1111I also made one that is vertical, rather than horizontal, and in black and white:

black and white cowl

black and white cowl

This one uses a really lovely yarn from JoAnn Fabrics. I really love how soft it is and how easy it is to work with! here is a close up of this one. I had really gotten confident with the broomstick lace stitch, so this one is only that stitch:


I hope that you will also try some broomstick lace. It may seem intimidating at first, but it is definitely worth the work, because it is such a beautiful result!

What stitches have you tried lately, and what inspired you to try them?



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