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Trash to Treasure

A while back I bought my husband one of those box things that has several little drawers to put small parts for his model building hobby. He liked it at first, but eventually decided he would use a flatter container since that would make looking for different parts easier. This week we went through closets, desks, dressers, etc. to do our semiannual purging/giveaway to Goodwill. I found the drawer/container thing in the Goodwill pile, and thought I would try to give it a new life and use it for buttons and findings and the like 🙂

DSCN1208I started with the drawers, some fabric I have been trying to find a use for, mod podge, foam brush and sand paper. I sanded the outside to roughen it up a bit.


I painted it with Mod Podge using a sponge brush. DSCN1212

I cut my fabric a bit too wide and then attached. I smoothed it out with my hands, and let it dry over night. DSCN1213

After it dried, I trimmed the excess fabric, and put another coat of MP over the outside. When it dried, I cleaned up the trimming, but thought it still looked a little to rough for my taste.  I decided to add a ribbon to the edge to disguise the rough edges, and to fancy it up a bit.




I think it looks pretty cute, and it is the perfect place for all those little bits you collect over time. Here it is in its final home, and my office/craft space/studio finally feels clean and finished!!!!

Permanent home

Permanent home


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