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Garland a Month – January

Over the holiday, I displayed a garland that had fabric Chrissy trees I had made. I originally had made them with the intention of selling them, but decided I would only sell my amis at the craft shows. I gave the extra garlands to my family, so we would all have a new and cute decoration. They all loved them! As I was packing it up with all of our holiday decorations, my husband was admiring it and asked if I could make one for each month. To which I replied, “Of course!” What a fun monthly challenge. That brings us to my Garland a Month series, January edition.

I knew I wanted icy blues and whites, so I headed to the fabric store and raided my stash and found a really pretty blue with white polka dots that look like snowfall, and one with bare trees and tiny red birds sitting in them.  They were perfect! Here is a picture along with some other supplies I used:




Felt backings

My original thought was to make mittens and circles, which would represent snowballs.  The mittens turned out adorable, but the snowballs were a disaster. It turns out, making balls is quite a bit more difficult than I anticipated, and something I am going to have to work on! After the ball disaster, I tried making hats, but I really just did not like the way they looked. I finally decided to go with traditional bunting pennants, and I am completely happy with the way it turned out. I used bias tape for the string, and attached the mittens using some matching yarn. Here is the final product:

Winter/January Bunting

Winter/January Bunting

And here are the mittens and flags up close:

Mitten Close-up

Mitten Close-up

Flag close-up

Flag close-up

I love it. I think the blues and whites are perfect for winter, and the tiny red birds give it just the right POP!

I am still working out the plans for the other months, and while I have some ideas I welcome themes/suggestions 🙂 What do you think?


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