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Maurice, the Lion

Meet Reginald’s friend, Maurice!

Maurice the Lion

Maurice the Lion

Maurice is shy, and despite his ferocious reputation, he is a vegetarian, which makes him the perfect play mate for the others. He frolics in the jungle, smelling the flowers and chasing butterflies. He also writes his own poetry, but he won’t share it with you unless you give him some hot chocolate.

Maurice is a cute little lion that is basically the same body shape as the monkey, but I added a longer snout and a mane. The mane is created by attaching groups of 5 chains to his head with a slip stitch. Before I did the under his chin part my husband said he looked like he had an afro – that will be good to remember 🙂

Afro stylin'

Afro stylin’

back of afro hair

back of mane


I hope you enjoy him. Just one more guy to go for this order! Stay tuned for their 3rd friend – here’s a hint- he is really tall, and helps out when anyone gets their kite stuck in a tree, or kicks the soccer ball on the roof!


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