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Brian’s adventures

Brian is this tall giraffe. He is actually the first of the four I made, but I did not realize that I never posted about him.

Brian the giraffe

Brian the giraffe

Brian is handsome and helpful, although sometimes a bit mischievous. All the girls like him, and all the boys want to be his buddy. Luckily, he is very outgoing! He organizes lots of sports games, and is always available if someone kicks the soccer ball too high and it gets stuck in the tree. When the gang goes on an adventure, Brian is always the look out, although he doesn’t always report everything, and this can cause a sticky situation – like the time he didn’t warn the guys about the bee hive up ahead. What a funny-honey time that was. At bed time, Brian always requests his favorite snack – lemon merigue pie – before hitting the hay.

silly Brian

silly Brian

who could say no to that face?

who could say no to that face?

I have made this giraffe several times, but I never write down the pattern, so he comes out slightly different each time. I think the next one I make (and there will be more!) I will write and share the pattern.


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