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New Ironing Board Cover

Hello All!

My ironing board is was really crappy. The old pad, the one it came with was really thin, and it never quite fit correctly. I finally decided I would make a new one! I read through probably 20-25 how to make an ironing board cover tutorials, just a simple google search for how to make an ironing board cover. It was really pretty easy:

ironing board cover

Step 1: Find awesome fabric (the hard part was narrowing down!)

Step 2: Buy a nice THICK ironing board pad (about $10)

Step 3: I can’t emphasize this enough – do not remove your old ironing board cover until you have finished the new one!! I accidentally did this, and it made ironing throughout the project a particular challenge. Turn the ironing board upside down on the pad and cut it out around it. I left an inch or two around the edge so that it would go over the edge of my ironing board.

Step 4: Put the ironing board on the fabric. Measure and cut about 2.5″ all the way around the board.

Step 5: Pin and sew bias tape around the edge (no hem necessary!!) I did not know how to sew bias tape around the curved edges and corners, but I found a GREAT tutorial on how to do that here. Side note – Colleen G Lea’s tutorial, in addition to her blog, had some really great info sewing advice. I definitely recommend you check it out!

Step 6: Thread elastic through the bias tape – this step took forever, (I am definitely not buying the tutorials that said the completed their ironing board covers in 20 minutes), but I did it while watching my new fave show, Supernatural, so it was worth it.

Step 7: Put on ironing board and admire your awesome handiwork!


It almost makes me want to iron…

Almost πŸ™‚

I am really excited about this, though! The pad is nice and thick, which means no more of the actually board pattern coming through my fabric or clothes. Also, the fun colors are inspiring to me, and my husband even likes it, which may mean he will not complain as much if I leave it out, lol! πŸ™‚

Now I have tons of this fabric left. Any thoughts on what else should I make from it?


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