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Spring Break Craft Fun

So far this Spring Break has been great! I am having a fun time having lunch with friends, catching up on movies and tv shows, walking my dog, playing in the garden, and of course crafting away!!

I have been crocheting a little (some WIPS that have needed attending to), but mostly I have been sewing! I brought out the machine and a 6 foot banquet table to really get some major work done. I have been trying to make a garland for each month of the year, and (big surprise) I got a little behind. Here is February’s banner, finally finished!

February XO bunting

February XO ā¤ bunting

I will probably leave it up for a coupke of days, just because we did not get to enjoy it in February, lol. I plan to work on March’s bunting this week too, but need to run to the craft store to get some supplies.

I have been needing a new wallet lately, but really loved my old one. It was basically a change purse with a place for an ID from Vera Bradley. I fashioned my own, inspired by VB, using a zipper I had on hand as well as some material I bought as a fat quarter of a long time ago. It is fully lined, and I really like it. I used fusible interfacing so it is quite sturdy. As a bonus, it is one of a kind šŸ™‚

Wallet outside

Wallet outside

Wallet- lined inside!

Wallet- lined inside!

Finally, I recently got a smart phone, and I have been looking for a gadget carrier for it, as well as some headphones, a bit of cash, and maybe a few other essentials for when I do not want to bring my whole purse with me. My dear friend, Skylar, made me this awesome one here. The only problem, is that it is too small for my phone with its fancy, super-protection case. Bummer, because her work is SOO much better than mine. However, it did give me the opportunity for practice, and I always like to try new things. Here is what I came up with:

Gadget case - inside

Gadget case – inside

I really LOVE this cute windmill fabric and want to make some more things out of it. I should have bought the whole bolt!

Gadget case - closed

Gadget case – closed

So, there you have it. So far it has been a very productive and relaxing week. I had been in a crafting rut, primarily due to stress at school. Now that I have the week off, I guess I am finding the motivation I need to get back into the swing of things! I have a few more projects up my sleeves for this week, and I can’t wait to share them with you!


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