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Sick Day

I am home sick from work today – not to worry, I think today was the end of it, and I should be good as new (or at least 90% there) by tomorrow. Definitely going back to work then anyway. So today, in between naps and netflix, I finished a long-ongoing project. I started this blanket over winter break, and worked on it on and off since then. I had no idea how HUGE it would be when I started it, although, secretly, I think I wanted it to be gigantic. I wanted to make something for myself, and fell in love with this “mist” yarns from Vanna’s Choice by Lion Brand – I used Seaspray Mist (Green), Taupe Mist, Denim Mist, Purple Mist, Tangerine Mist, and Rose Mist.

look at the colors!

I love to look at the colors!

I chained 217, and crocheted 2 rows of double crochet in each color. I finished the crocheting about 3 weeks ago, and I have been hiding stitches ever since. 20-30 minutes a day, so as not to get too bored of the work. It is a simple pattern, but I think it turned out beautifully, and now I have a cozy King size blanket, or if I double it over, a super warm and snuggly couch blanket.

Spread out on the bed

Spread out on the bed

I love the simplicity of it. I love the colors. I love the size and snuggliness (is that a word? If not, can it be?!!) of it. Usually when I work on a blanket of this size, it is a gift for someone, and there is a deadline for it (Christmas, birthdays, etc.). As that deadline fast approaches, I work furiously and fervently to finish, and in the process grow almost so sick of the project, that I am glad to get it out of my house, lol. With this blanket, I knew it was for me, so I worked slowly, and took lots of breaks from it, working on other projects in between and making sure I did not get tired of it. Now the reward is that I super LOVE this blanket, and I am so glad I made it. I so rarely ever make myself anything, but I am really glad I made this one! I hope you make something for yourself once and a while too! Even if it is something simple and elegant like this blanket. 🙂

side view

side view, folded up – Monster size blanket


4 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. Lou, Dr Mansoor loves the blanket and she and her dtr are thinking about doing a blanket together and the grandmother also. So, she needs to know how much yarn to buy and where did you buy it? What size hook does she use? Is there an edge on the blanket or is it just the regular edge?

    Thanks for all your answers. I love you and the blanket looks fabulous!!

    Kisses MOM

    On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 2:45 PM, Lou’s Labors

  2. Mom – I bought the yarn at JoAnn’s – I think I bought 6 skeins of each color, but I did not buy them all at once, only after I ran out. I waited until it went on sale. I used the recommended hook – size I. I did not do an edging on it, but you could do something. I thought a border might make it look smaller, and I wanted it to be and to look big – you know? If they don’t want it to be as big, they could do fewer foundation stitches. Tell them they can email me if they have any questions 🙂

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