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Pizza Night – Dr. Who Style!!

Friday night, one of my best friends, Mel, came over and we decided to make pizza and drink some wine 🙂 Who wants a regular pepperoni pizza? That would be boring. We had found a picture of a Dalek shaped pizza that we used as a guide and made this:

You will be Extermin-EATen

You will be Extermin-EATen

We had quite a bit of pizza dough left after that, so we decided we should make breadsticks. In keeping with the nerd food theme, we shaped them into bow ties. Bow ties are cool.

Bow tie bread sticks - harder to shape than they look, lol!

Bow tie bread sticks – harder to shape than they look, lol!

I had some homemade pizza sauce to dip them into as well.

Dr. Who Pizza Night with my bestie!

I have mine. What are you going to eat?

Then we opened a nice bottle of wine, and shared it. Once everything was ready we got out the TV trays and ate on the couch while watching one of my favorite Dr. Who episodes – “Blink.” I heart David Tennant!

Dog got to lick our plates before they went into the dishwasher as a treat, so even he had a blast. We had such a fun time! I can see this becoming a girl’s night tradition – tetris cookies, superhero foods, Star Wars even has a theme cook book, lol. I  can hardly wait.

What kinds of themed foods do you like to make?


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