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Meet Maynard

Meet Maynard the Fox! Maynard is a sweet fox, and member of the Forest Friends series.

Maynard the Fox

Maynard the Fox

Maynard likes to skateboard around the forest, and can be seen jamming to his music on his iPod. He likes to chase girls, and can sometimes be stubborn with authority, but it is all a ruse. Once you get to know him, Maynard is sweet and kind, and will be a loyal friend to you for life, especially if you give him his favorite food, beets, to snack on while you chat.

Maynard side view

Maynard side view

Maynard is a new pattern I am working on, and I got some new eyes form etsy6060, which I absolutely adore! They really give these guys a new personality. He has green eyes and a bushy tail. I hope you enjoy Maynard. He is available for purchase from my etsy shop, and he has some other Forest Friends coming soon!


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