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June Bunting aka Summer is Coming

I have been a busy orchestra teacher of late. The month of May is the time for concerts, assemblies, awards ceremonies, field trips, competitions and banquets for an orchestra, and this year has been no different. It was a busy month, and an exciting month, and I am glad it is over. My students received great honors at competitions and played well at all performances and concerts. Parents were proud. Students were happy. I have been overwhelmed by their dedication and accomplishment. This year has been a year of extreme growth and achievement for the students and for me! We are now into June, and even though we still have a week left of school. Summer is near, and we are, as always, ready for the break!

So, Summer is a time for the beach and water, and I figured what better theme for June’s bunting then a Nautical one.

Nautical Bunting

Nautical Bunting

This one was fairly simple – I bought the wood pieces already assembled, and I painted them using acrylic paints. Then I strung them together using a hemp yarn that I had on hand. It looks quite a bit like the rope that you may find on a boat.

I used lighthouses:

Red Lighthouse

Red Lighthouse

Blue Lighthouse

Blue Lighthouse

I used some anchors that I painted and then dry-brushed to look old and used. I also wrapped the hemp yarn around them. I think they turned out pretty cute!

Blue anchor

Blue anchor

Anchors Away

Anchors Away

I really love the beach. Being near the ocean really makes me happy, and this is one way I can bring the feeling to my land-locked home! I think this month’s bunting turned out pretty cute! Plus it makes me happy to look at. I hope you enjoy it too!

Aside: Here are the things I am looking forward to this summer:

More time to spend with my dear husband and our dog, Gus

Time to craft/crochet/sew

Getting a new sewing machine – I have been saving up for a few months!!!

Reading more

Sleeping in

Sister Lunches!!

Planting and watching my garden grow

What do you have planned for this summer?


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