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Easy Summer Knit Skirt

This week I have been busy with my new sewing machine, which I LOVE!!! I mended the seam on a cover-up dress. I played with the stitch patterns on some scrap fabric. I started the gadget pouch, but may or may not be stuck on the zipper. I finished the bunting for July (more on that later), and I made a super easy knit skirt.


Gray skirt

Gray skirt

I had originally done this skirt as a maxi skirt, but realized that I had the fabric going sideways. I left it in my closet for a long while because the old sewing machine could barely sew a straight line, let alone sew a knit skirt again!

I cut the waist band off the old skirt and used it again. Then I turned the fabric sideways, which was actually the right way, cut it and sewed it to the waist band.

side view

side view

I decided to try one of my fancy stitches, so I folded the waistband down and used a sort of diamond decorative stitch to hold it in place. Looks totally adorable.

Decorative stitch

Decorative stitch

I am really pleased with how it turned out, and really excited to have a super easy breezy, wear anywhere, summer knit skirt!! SO it’s officially back. Summer of No Pants 2013 (SONP!!) – mostly because it is too hot to wear pants in Texas, but also because I want to keep working on my sewing skills. This summer I am challenging myself to make tops, shorts, and dresses as well as skirts. I am off to a good start.

How do you stay cool in the summer?



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