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Happy Independence Day

Today is July 4th, and in the spirit of the birth of America, I present – July’s Garland – 4th of July Firecrackers:

July bunting

This was a pretty easy one. I found the fabric for it a while ago, and loved the American flags shaped like peace signs. It really spoke to who I am as a person. I may not always agree with the politics and issues in this country, but I am glad I am in a place where I am free to have and express my views. For this bunting, I sewed some easy rectangles with some batting in between, and then stuffed some of those fun glittery wands that I cut so they would lay flat. Finally I sewed on a pretty, glittery ribbon with plenty of stars to hang it up by. Voila – Fireworks Garland!

IMG_0888 IMG_0887


It is very festive, and sure to remind me all month about how I live in one of the best countries ever.


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