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Happy Halloween

I have been so busy making items for local craft shows and special orders lately. It has been wonderful fun sharing my creations with the people. I am currently getting ready for another show (Nov. 9 at Summit HS in Mansfield, TX if anyone is a DFW native 😉 ), and I have also signed up to do a mystery crochet-a-long through craftsy. My yarn arrived yesterday, and I am so excited – it is beautiful! The CAL begins tomorrow, and I cannot wait to see what we are making!

In the meantime, everything has been all Halloween, all the time at work, lately. ‘Tis the season for goblins and ghouls, tricks and treats, and loads of fun! Here are a couple of witches I made to celebrate the season:


This first lovely, has no feet, but just a long dress to cover her shoes.


This witch’s dress is a bit shorter so you can see her green stockings and shoes! Next time I think I will make some broomsticks and cauldrons to accentuate their mystical ways! Thanks for looking.


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