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Craft Shows and Upcoming Holidays

October and November have been very busy months for me! I participated in 2 craft shows! One was really great, the other was a good learning experience. Here is my booth from the first show:

Lovely booth

Lovely booth

My wonderful sister sat with me the whole weekend. We had such a fun time!!

Sister fun :)

Sister fun 🙂

I sold many of my favorite amis, and several scarves and gloves. I took a few special orders, which I am nearly finished filling, and had such a nice time. This craft show is at a high school near where I  teach. I get to see so many current and former students and their parents, as well as lots of my coworkers. It is always a really lovely time!

A few weeks later, I did another show at a high school a bit down the road. I did not know as many people, but I got some great ideas for setting up my booth so it looks better next year.

Second craft show booth

Second craft show booth

I had fun, and my sister and my friend came to shop and to sit with me for a while. We had some fun modeling the merchandise for potential customers.

Bear Hat!

Bear Hat!

All together, it was a really fun couple of shows. I got to hang out with people I love, meet some really nice people, and have a great experience! I learned a lot from several show veterans, and look forward to my craft show experience for next year!

As we are heading into the holiday season, I would like to try to make or shop local for most of the gifts I give this year. I hope that you will all join me in supporting local and small businesses in your area! What are your favorite small businesses to support?


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