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100 Craft Challenge

Good morning to all of you! Post holidays I often have a lack of inspiration for my crochet, sewing and crafting. Most likely, this is due to all the gifts and items I sell and make for family and friends. In addition, I have amassed quite a stash of yarns and fabrics, and even notions of many types. It takes up a LOT of space in my studio office, and to be honest, can be a bit of a distraction to my creativity. Enter the 100 craft challenge:

Karen from Chocolate Dog Studio has issued the 100 day craft challenge to make 100 crafts in 100 days (one per day), using only supplies on hand. I think it is a wonderful idea, and am really looking forward to joining it! I have already been trying to bust some of my yarn and fabric stash recently, so this is the perfect opportunity for that. Also, I have several WIPs that have been put pretty much into hibernation. This challenge presents a great chance to finish those. Finally, it will help me save money, because the challenge only allows use of items that I have on hand.

Here are the rules:

  1. I must make 100 items out of the items I already own before I can buy any more fabric, or yarn.
  2. I will take photos of the supplies while I am making the items and post to this blog. My last purchase of sewing/craft related items was last week and was yarn for some hats.
  3. Crocheting granny squares, circles or individual motifs doesn’t count. It has to be a complete project.
  4. A completed blanket will count, a crochet flower with a pin back will count. It must be a finished item, no partial projects will count.
  5. Plain cup sleeves don’t count, patchwork ones do! So, creativity has to be involved.
  6. Finishing a WIP does count as I will still be getting rid of supplies.
  7. Sewing for the house, hemming curtains and recovering chairs counts as long as I do not buy any supplies.
  8. Clothing repairs and hems also count, as they sit in my studio and take up room.
  9. If it doesn’t work out, I will still post my fails. It is going to be a lot of stretching creatively, and I will probably fail at some things. That is ok, everyone fails from time to time.

I look forward to seeing what this challenge will inspire me to create. Here is a collage of the stash I have to use in this challenge, as well as a couple of the WIPs I will finish! Let’s get crafting!

Some of the stash to be used

Some of the stash to be used


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