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Foxy Hats

I have no update on the 100 projects, just yet. I have not had a chance to take pictures of my projects, yet. They will come soon. I did get a special order request through my shop that I am ready to share with you, though. Unfortunately, I did not have the proper yarn to fulfill this request, so I did have to go and buy some, therefore, this project does not count toward the 100 projects from my stash. I will also not add this yarn to my stash until after I have completed the challenge. I was very good and only bought exactly what I would need to finish this project. So with that said, here are the mother and daughter matching fox hats I made:

Mommy Fox

Mommy Fox

The mommy hat is a typical adult size hat (one size fits all). The ears were the toughest part to try to make stand up on such a large scale, but I think that I was successful.

Ear stand up check!

Ear stand up check selfie! 

The baby hat is sized for 6 month old baby, so that the 4 month old it is for can grow into a bit for the remainder of winter.

Baby hat

Baby hat

Something about the eyes being a bit closer together really makes this one especially cute. I love this and plan to make a couple more to sell in the Fall. Next time, I will try to write out the pattern to share as well.

On another note, I shared pics of this on facebook, and got a request to make an eagle hat (my school mascot is the eagles). That should be a fun challenge! What kind of animal hat would you like to see?


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