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Over 40 Now

It is finally SPRING BREAK!!! I have four more crafts to share with you today!

#38 – Hand Warmers – Last Monday, the temperatures plummeted to below freezing, with a wind chill below zero! In Texas, in March! It was crazy cold. So, what do I do? Make hand warmers. These are about 3″ squares, filled with a little rice (to conduct the heat), sewn around the edges, and trimmed out with a pinking shear. I microwave them for about 20 seconds, and they are good to warm my hands for about 30 minutes. I have used them several times this week!

Cute hand warmers

Cute hand warmers

Don’t you LOVE the adorable owl fabric?? I only have one fat quarter of it, but you have definitely not seen the last of it!

#39 – Blue Ninjago – A friend of mine’s son loves Ninjago. She asked me to make him the red one for Christmas, and  it was such a hit! His dad even told me he goes to sleep with it every night (precious!). Now it is about to be his birthday, and they want to give him the blue one for that. I am so glad when something I create makes someone happy 🙂

Blue Ninjago

Blue Ninjago

#40 and #41 – Lock and Shock (from the Nightmare Before Christmas) – this was a special order request I received through my Etsy shop. I was just able to get these two made by the deadline. Hopefully, I will be able to make their other sibling, Barrel this week.





Oogie's Henchmen

Oogie’s Henchmen

I know the photos are a bit dark, but I think they turned out truly adorable.

My plan for Spring Break is to get over 50 (at least halfway to my goal!!). I am currently working on 3 blankets, 2 for babies recently or soon to be born into my family, and 1 that I started for my sister about 7 years ago. Can’t wait to get that one finished. I also have a couple of fabric scarves to make this week, as well as another pair of pajama pants. Don’t worry, I also plan to get plenty of relaxation in this week as well!

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Over 40 Now

  1. Put a light colored fabric or table cloth under the dark creations so they pop! Love you!!!!

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