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Halfway there! #49-50

I am so excited that I am half way through this challenge!! It has been a bit of a struggle lately, but I know that I can definitely do 100 crafts from my current stash. This week, I have two challenge crafts to share, and one non-challenge project.

First, I have to brag on my students – last week, we brought our 5 middle school orchestras to UIL concert and sight reading competition. For those of you who don’t know, this is the standardized assessment for orchestra. It is intense, and the level of performance, both on stage and in the sight reading (where they see a piece of music for the first time and read it with minimal instruction) is expected to be very high. All 5 of our groups received superior ratings, which is the highest possible. In addition, they were professional and mature, way beyond their years (12-14 years old). They represented us directors, our school, and our program so well. I am so incredibly proud of the amazing kids we teach, and of the countless hours of hard work and dedication they have put into this accomplishment! It was an amazing (and exhausting) experience for me. I am so lucky to do what I do, and to work with such amazing people 🙂 So the last couple of weeks, there has been a small crafting hiatus, due to the intensity of getting ready for this competition, but it has definitely paid off.

Now, down to the real business (crafty business) – I have 2 new projects to share.

#49 – A cute little bear. I have quite a bit of the so-called “mist” colors leftover from making the DC Striped Blanket. I used a bit of the green one in the elephant’s ears from the last post. After using it there, I thought why not a whole Ami made from it? So I came up with this little cutie. I call him Alfred, and he is awfully silly. Here are some pictures –


Alfred – just hanging about


Posing for his portrait

#50 – This one has been a bit of a saga for me. I started this blanket 7-8 years ago, and it has a story. My sister had just gotten her first apartment, and she wanted a blanket for watching TV and hanging out at her place. I picked these colors to match the color scheme she had in her living room. So I started to work on it. I decided on a basket weave stitch for the blanket. Something very simple, that looks very complicated. Then I put it down for a few days. When I picked it back up, I picked it up with a different hook (unintentionally); one that was the wrong size. I crocheted several whole skeins into it. When I finally looked at it and measured it, I realized my mistake. I felt so defeated. How was I going to rip out ALL that yarn and do it again?!?! I just couldn’t do it. So, I put it down for 7-8 years. This 100 craft challenge allowed me the chance to pick it back up. I finally had the nerve to pull out all the skeins that were crocheted with the wrong hook. It was tedious, but it was worth it. I figured out the correct hook and tension, and I re-worked them. Then I took the two other skeins of the same yarn, and I worked those in. I have been working on this blanket, a row or so at a time, almost every single day, since this challenge started. Now it is finally finished, and I am so excited!! My sister has since gotten married, and bought a house. And also has a different color scheme. If she still wants it, I will give it to her. If not, I will keep it, or give it to someone else.

Basket Blanket

Basket Weave Blanket

folded blanket

folded blanket

check the basket weave

check the basket weave

So those are my crafts that count towards the 100 craft challenge for now. It is, of course, (as of recently) Spring. That means, lots of work for the garden, planting and pruning, etc. My sister and I got together today and built a compost bin for my house today. It is amazing. It turned out to be a family effort – My one sister designed it and helped me build it (she is so talented!). My mom provided me with the pitch fork I will need to toss my compost. My other sister loaned me her drill to use to make it. It is really amazing, and I cannot wait until it is full of the compost! I love it 🙂 I am super proud of this, since it started with a roll of hardware cloth and a few pieces of lumber. This was an awesome experience!

Here are some pics of the final result. It even has doors to the front of it. They come off for easy tossing.

New Compost bin

New Compost bin

side view

side view

door off

door off

removable doors

removable doors



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