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End of Year Wind Down

I am seriously in the homestretch, and feeling it! Three weeks until summer vacation and I am almost 2/3 finished with the 100 craft challenge! It has been a super busy couple of weeks, so I have several new crafts to share!

#60 – Penguin – This little ami is so fun to make, and so CUTE!! I have made three of them so far, and I am sure I will make more.

Cutie Penguin

Cutie Penguin

#61-64 – Mug Rugs for Mother’s Day – I am fortunate enough to have 4 mothers to celebrate: my mom, my mother in law, step-mother in law, and grandmother in law. I think the world of all of these women, and I love them all. This year, I made each of them mug rugs – a little mat, large enough for a mug of tea or coffee, plus a little snack.

Mug rugs

Mug rugs

rolled up and ready to gift

rolled up and ready to gift

I found this really cute note on a website, but now I cannot find it again. I cannot take credit for someone else’s work, so if you know where this comes from, please let me know, and I will link it. Thank you to the original author for the cuteness!

#65 – bias tape! I am REALLY excited about the next one! I have started making my own bias tape. This first one is 1/4″ double fold bias tape made from some really cute orange gingham. I will be making more bias tape, in different sizes. Can’t wait to use this one, and it is super easy to make.


Orange Gingham bias tape

Orange Gingham bias tape


4 thoughts on “End of Year Wind Down

  1. The bias tape idea is a good one. That would take care of extra fabric scraps. I wonder what it would be like to make variegated tape with several fabrics. (like variegated yarn)

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