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Back To School Crafts 2014

So school is back in full swing, and has been for a couple of weeks. I guess it is time I share some of my back-to-school crafting! This year I made several things for my room. None of them are particularly functional, but they are cute and lovely, and make me super happy to have them around 🙂

I made a sign for our room.

Orchestra Sign

Orchestra Sign

I bought some paper mache letters, painted the edges black, and decoupaged some cute scrapbook paper to it. I hung them over our doors using some velcro. They look totally adorable, and I think they really make the room look a bit more inviting 🙂

I saw a similar sign to this on Pinterest, and I really loved it! I made my own version, and pasted it to a canvas covered with cute paper. It turned out really cute, and I hung it above my desk. I look at it each day for inspiration.

Inspirational poster

Inspirational poster

Flower pens

Flower pens

I see these great pens everywhere, and I always love them. I decided to get some flowers and make my own. I put them in a cute container on my desk. They are cute and handy. They are not only my favorite colors, but they are also my school’s colors 🙂 Go Eagles!

Bouquet of Pens

Bouquet of Pens

I also added an Einstein Bobblehead to my toy collection! My DH got him for me for our anniversary. He is one of my heroes, and favorite historical figures. These are the toys that sit on my desk and help me keep my sanity every day. Yu Darvish tells us we can do anything we put our minds to (even though he is a bobblehead, he can only nod up and down). Yoda – because duh, who doesn’t need a jedi master around? Beethoven, who stares menacingly at us, especially when we are testing! Finally, I have a Papa Smurf that is conducting, that i have had since I was a little kid.  Teaching middle school can be crazy, so I guess I have to be a little crazy also 🙂


Toys from my desk

So that is a peak into my classroom. I have a few more crafty ideas for the room, but they will have to wait for another day. Thanks for looking 🙂


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