50 Amigurumi Summer Challenge

It is (almost) summer!! It is so close to the actual end of the school year, that my brain is already on summer vacation, at least on the weekends. Usually about this time I make a summer “to-do” list, just in case I get bored with my time off. I never actually do get bored, since I have staff development, summer camps, and conferences that I attend. I do have some free time, and I like to have goals and ideas to fill it. Also, lately, I have been re-inspired to crochet after taking a bit of time off from it. I have made 5 Amis in the last week, and I hope to keep that momentum going for a while. So, I am officially instituting the “50 Amigurumi Summer Challenge!” I am super excited about it! You can join in, or just follow along with me. I will try to post them with stories and captions here, and will also post on my facebook and my pinterest board, as well as on instagram, #50amichallenge.

I am really stoked about this, so even if you don’t join in, feel free to follow along and comment on what I make. If you join in, use #50amichallenge! So here are the rules:

1. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, make 50 amigurumi.

2. Post pics and use #50amichallenge on any of your social media! Link back to this post to get others involved.

3. If you use someone else’s pattern, credit them for their work.

4. Have fun and be creative!

I look forward to seeing what everyone makes!

With that said- Here are the first five of my amis for the #50amichallenge!

My school’s mascot is the Eagle! So, I made a couple of eagles to sell at the craft show in the fall. Here are number 1 and 2:

Eagle #1

#1 Eagle

The second one came out a little taller. Since these are a school mascot, I will probably make a few more, but I won’t count any more towards the challenge.

Eagle #2

#2 Eagle

Then I made a cutie, big-headed tiger.


#3 Tiger

#4 is a minion from the movie, Despicable Me. They are freaking adorbs, and he will not be the last one of these I make! I love them!

#4 Minion

#4 Minion

The last of this group is a cute little baby chicken.

#5 - baby chicken

#5 – baby chicken

I hope you enjoyed the first of this series! What do you think? Also, what Amis would you like to see me make?